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The Prevalence of Batteries and Battery Tools

Battery powered equipment is undoubtedly prevalent in today's world. What began in 1780 as an invention of Italian physicist Alessandro Volta has developed and evolved into a billion-dollar industry with firms standing to profit in major ways. Nearly everything from mobile telephones, two-way radio sets, personal music players, flashlights, cars, motorcycles and alarm clocks take advantage of the energy of batteries. Already, there are exploratory studies being done for batteries to power heavier machinery such as cars, as well as for long-term fuel capacity for scientific study in remote regions such as the outer space.

While it is simple to say that batteries can come in various sizes and shapes and longevity, there is also more to it than just a fuel cell one patches on to power technology. Different batteries are in use for different applications, such as wet-cell batteries containing lead-acid electrolytes for automobiles, or the batteries used in mobile phones that use lithium and nickel to enable multiple recharges that last for several days.

As the battery business booms, so too do the other applications that have emerged from it. This is most significant in the automotive industry, where many onboard functions and tools like engine ignition, the radio and various lights require the electrical power sources to be working in good condition. As such, tools such as gauges to measure electrical charge, or cables to help 'jump' or create a feed into the battery's energy supply are in the market to help keep a car's battery fully operational and working.

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